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Here's a few things about Credit Solutions and it's founder Doug Vanarsdale.

1. In a company meeting Doug said "I only hang out with rich people". Soon after that meeting he lowered his sales staffs pay to $7.25 an hour. Now the sales staff is also paid a commission on the sales they get for the month however with cancelations added in the majority of the force makes minimum wage.

2. The sales staff is also discouraged from leaving for the day unless they have at least two sales. So if you need to stay until midnight, so be it. This happens on a regular basis. Most people work 12 hour days although their time sheets only report 8 hour days.

3. Doug Vanarsdale is currently attempting to sue several past employees for acepting positions with other credit relief companies. He believes they are disclosing propritory information. THERE IS NO PROPRITORY INFORMATION!!!

4. If Credit Solutions is so big and powerful, why is Doug so afraid of a little competition. By the way, Credit Solutions is the only debt relief company being sued by several states. Perhaps Doug should concentrate on those law suites.

Bottom line, Credit Solutions is not the only nor the best option.

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lmao..know doug! he works for uber now, he picked me up from work one night.

didn't know he was involved in illegal dealings, read him and his company were sued for around $200 million dollars for false advertising, not contacting creditors etc. He said he worked in banking and real estate, and that he was in roofing now. lmfao, we hung out a few times, he was real cool. he stays in east dallas now, all of a sudden, he just went ghost on me it's been like 5 or 6 months since I saw or spoke to him.

smh...sign of the times. have to be watchful of who you connect with,




Sounds like all his sorry A$$ employees did not do their jobs and took the company down.

to wouldntwanttobeya #1565521

they weren't at fault, it was all n him. Him and his company were sued for around $200 million dollars for false advertising, not contacting creditors etc.

If you search his name, you'll find a lot of stories about how the business was shut down. I know the ceo/owner doug, met him through his job at uber.

( he picked me up one night from work,) He said he worked in banking and real estate before, and that he was in roofing now. lmfao, have to be watchful of who you connect with,

Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada #229991

I used to work for CSA. Doug Van Arsdale was clueless for the most part. In his need to have his ego fed, he picked a poor excuse for a President of Sales. The devil herself, Lauren Harris. Lauren Harris ruined & ultimately led to the demise of CSA. She fed Doug with what he WANTED to hear, not with what he NEEDED to hear. Several times in meetings, he was surprised at the employees' feedback. HE HAD NO CLUE of reality, just of Lauren Harris' fantasy world she had painted for Doug. She lied, stole, and cheated CSA employees w/ her over arched eyebrows, fake ear to ear smile, and nervous deceiving laugh. She is the reason that company went down, amongst other things:

1.) Beast ppl into the program, regardless if debt settlement is for them.

2.) Harass ppl by calling them 10x every hour

3.) Make up bank account #s & cc #s

4.) Team leaders would recommend to say whatever the customer wanted to hear for them to sign up

5.) Lie about balances on debt to make them qualify & list unqualified debt (such as student loans, secured debt) under different info to put up deals on the board.

6.) Deals "mysteriously" disappearing from our commissions, 1/2 a deal from bonusing

7.) Checks bouncing


I worked there, Doug and Joey use be boyfriends. His marriage is so fraud like him.

Joey was his boy toy. His wife had boyfriends. Doug I hope you believe in God.

If so I hope u repenting. If not your going to *** any way....

to Winston Horn #1565142

ok! met him a few months ago, he works for uber now.

he picked me up from work one night, knew he was g^y or in the closet right away tried to hide it but one look and you knew his deal. real shocked when he said his ex-wife and daughter was like smh..but sounds like she caught on they are divorced.

to Winston Horn #1565519

good review! :)


The IRS just confiscated Doug's Dallas Cowboys season tickets, and auctioned them off. The proceeds were kept to pay for back taxes in the amount of $4MIL.

He stated they tickets weren't his, he was simply "using them".

A ticket broker bought them for just over $300k... what a waste of tickets, time, money, and morals.


CSA is a scam. You have too few settlement agents to handle the # of clients enrolled.

No wonder there are callers who hold in excess of 1 hour, on a daily basis. In order to survive the employees must work overtime... for free. If you express disdain about working for free, you are frowned upon.

And although they are well aware of those creditors that will not settle with CSA or that dont negotiate for a reasonable offer, they continue to enroll those accounts without any type of disclaimer. I sure hope clients and prospective clients wise up, settle your own accounts.

IF this company goes down, do you wonder what will happen to your service fees? There is a reason the IRS seized Dougs Dallas Cowboy tix...he doesnt pay his bills, then he claims that the tix weren't his...what a joke.


How to tank a company in 180 days or less by KnowALot…

First Ms. Knowalot knows nothing at all. She needs to get off her knees and come up for some air. Someone hand her a paper towel.

1) If 100% commissionable pay is illegal, I guess most car sales, realtors, loan officers (real ones not the call center type that turn company president), insurance agents, and the like are just criminal.

2) name 10 out of 100 that consistently make over $4-5k not put up phony deals but actually earn it. You consistently screwed your staff out of their pay that's why you are left with the EP kings and queens and their cancellations instead of the drafters. That's why your top billers left and went to different companies. Now your cancellations are skyrocketing. Yea, we were entitled. Entitled to our pay and hoping the check didn't bounce - that's the entitlement issue.

3) what copyright - guess that’s why it was thrown out.

4)Credit Solutions is being sued by several states because it is defrauding the consumer and its staff. Giant my rear end, your company doesn't even take up 2 floors in one building.

You're being sued because you are ok with your agents lying to clients, enrolling debt that can't be negotiated, creating phony bank accounts (that really belong to someone out there), and falsifying debt amounts to get a deal. All calls are recorded so you can't say you didn't know.

The industry is so unregulated yet your small outfit is the only one always being picked on.

Bottom Line Credit Solutions is trash. It defrauds its clients and it's staff. And what is left there deserves every thing that happens. The question is who is gonna get you first- the FTC, the IRS, or the penal system.

Don't come on here with that BS you feed the brain dead still working for you. Those of us here were smart enough and ethical enough to get out.

I think Doug has defrauded enough consumers, bounced enough payroll checks, and stolen enough commissions, to be able to pay his tax lien and maybe go back to the *** industry where he started.

But that's just my3cents.


I use to work there and would have to say this company and CEO Doug need to be on 60 minutes for the stuff they do. But Doug will have to worry about the man upstairs. You'll see.....

to Wade Weathersbee #1565146

he works for uber now, that's how I met him. we exchanged numbers as he said he was in banking and real estate. went ghost on me haven't seen or spoken to him in about 5 or 6 months, smh..


Credit Solutions is going under. For the employees that are still stuck in the LIE that Credit Solutions feeds them from the 1st day of all better start sending our your resumes!

I recently left this company. Credit Solutions did not RAISE the pay to 7.25/hour! They lowered the commission rates to a point where over 80% of the company is in a struggle. People are working 12 plus hours per day and not getting what they deserve.

This place is worse than a sweat shop.

they just lost their sales building because they could not pay the lease. Doug needed that money to catch up on his house payment.

to Glad I QUIT in time!!!! #1565160

wow, real crazy! lol, times must have changed.

he stays in an apartment in dallas now. met him through his job at uber.


I also used to work for Credit Solutions of America. I quit there in March of 2007 and they (Doug Van Arsdale) tried to sue me for $50,000 for getting a job elsewhere in settlement. Settlement is not a scam, and really Credit Solutions isn't either. They do not outline everything like they should, but they do perform a service (although not a great one). Their main problem is that they don't follow through with the plan. The tell you that they'll have customer service follow up with you on the regular, but this simply does not happen. You'll find yourself constantly calling them for why pay them? They had 250 people in the enrollment (sales) department there when I left, and they had less than 100 people in the on the back end (customer service, settlement department, etc..)

Today I work for a much more reliable company called AFC Processing (Accredited Financial Corporation). We're members of TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies). I've helped out many people in the past few years here, and would love to help you succeed as well.

We are not as large of a company, and that would help you out more in the long run, since you'll get needs met one on one. We're not a call center like they are either. We assign 4 individuals to your case. You'll have me on the back burner at all times. You'll also have 1 person in contracts to work with you on completing your working file. You'll then also have your own appointed customer service representative that will help field the calls from the creditors to our office. And last but certainly not least, you'll have 1 person from the settlement team assigned to you as well, and this is the person that negotiates with your creditors for you.

We have very people in our enrollement (sales) department here, and many people in the back end to assist you. Our pricing is much less expensive than Credit Solutions, and we achieve better settlements for our clients as well.

It can't hurt to call me. I'm probably the least pressuring person you'll ever speak with (something that Credit Solutions frowns upon since they're coached from day 1 to be over the top with people and fear them into enrolling).

I look forward to helping you out. Mention where you found me and I'll lower our service fee as well.

Bottom line, and what really matters here. Credit Solutions = large company with a tiny back end. AFC Processing = small company, and large back end @ 4:1 ratio! This makes a huge difference on your success in debt settlement.

Joey Staton

AFC Processing

(877) 615-7977 direct line - no extension needed

(214) 930-3109 24/7 assistance email website

to Joey Staton #1565156

thanks for the report! do you still speak to or see doug?

met him one night he works for uber now. it's been like 5 months since we spoke.


Here's a few things about Credit Solutions and Doug Van Arsdale:

1. The sales staff used to be 100% commission. That's illegal in the state of TX. Credit Solutions was forced to RAISE the sales staff pay to $7.25 and hour, plus commission.

2. Many of the sales staff do very well. The staff that do not, are typically not focused. These exceptions don't like to work for their money. There are a lot of sales-people with entitlement issues.

3. Doug is suing because those past employees stole copyrighted information from Credit Solutions to START their own similar debt relief company.

4. Competition is good. It's the American way. Credit Solutions is being sued by several states because the industry is still VERY unregulated; Credit Solutions is the debt relief giant, so OF COURSE they will be sued!

Bottom line, you don't know what you're talking about!


Instead of suing former employees (that clearly left because they were concerned about going down in flames with Doug) maybe he should pay his Federal Tax Lien of over 2million dollars. Look for yourself go to Collin County Court Records online.

Maybe he should learn to pay his bills and his employees and he wouldn't be in this jam. REAP WHAT YOU SOWE!!!

to KnowsAlittle #1565152

didn't know all this about him, met him through his job at uber. smh..illegal closed door dealings, your right! sesrch his name and you'll find a lot of lawsuits in and out of texas.

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