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What they don't tell you is that while they are working with the credit companies and you are not paying the credit cards for at least 2-3 months, you are racjing up late fees and penalties and your credit is shot. This is not a fair solution to your problems especially if your credit is not that bad.

It would be best if you continue to pay the least amount needed to keep your account current while you wait for responses that credit solution is working on, otherwise it just puts you more in the hole. I cancelled after 2 months and I don't get any money back but I will report it to the BBB.

Monetary Loss: $670.

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to NO Name=========yu people that say, " read ". you just don't get it.

if you don't like the posts, then don't read them. maybe fine print does say that, but ususally u believe the person your talking with !!!!

maybe listen, & record, Not read, with credit solutions, in texas. Listen, NOt read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i guess your just one of the few, few lucky ones!!!!!!!!!!!!


credit solutions is a rip off. turn them into better business bureau, and

they told me no interest fees would accure. well they did, over 2000.!! just found that out, after 3 years in the company who does nothing but watch sports on tv. do yourself a favor, and turn them in.

they do not serve peole.

and they are only trying to make good now, b/c they have been reported too many times, and don't want shut down... think about it....


Keith is a *** *** for filing bk


After being in the program 9 months late fees and intrest have raised the balances over $25,000!!! Every settlement offer is greater than the original balance. When you sign up they say "don't wory getting sued is very rare." When you are served with papers they say "Sorry, that's not true"


I enrolled with CSA 5 months ago in order to help a friend, who worked there, get his bonus. (Friend spent one month working there, then quit and didn't tell me.) At the time, I had excellent credit, but was drowning in debt and the thought of only having to pay half of that debt was what pushed me to enroll.

After spending all day on, I'm starting to freak out a little bit and plan on cancelling my accounts with CSA tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #63216

to all you naysayers:

Credit Solutions is a great company, and they do exactly what they say they will do so long as you do your part. No one got themselves in debt over night nor are you going to get out over night. I would be willing to bet had any of you that stayed in the program longer than a few months before getting angry and cancelling would have gotten the exact service promised as i did.


I feel everyones pain in dealing with this company. I was enrolled with them and within a couple of months i was being sued by three of my creditors.

I eventually called CSA and told them to cancel my account and that i would be contacting the BBB and my states attorney general regarding their business practices. Well apparently that threat worked as i was sent a refund of all my money.

I then went to work with my creditors on my own and in the end i ended up filing bankruptcy because of everything falling so far behind i could not catch up on the payments. My advice...stay away from this company..


people think its a magic cure all and its it's not. READ the fine print in your states that your credit rating can go down and there are chances that the creditors won't work with them and you can still get sued.

READ PEOPLE READ!!!! honestly i signed up for their program and had nothing but great customer service. prompt responses and hard work. anyone who is having bad luck with credit solutions its your own fault.

do your homework and read the paperwork. also its a team effort. call them, send them any and all papers you get from the creditors. in my opinion this program is good for people who already have bad credit and the debt is already onto a 3rd party collector.

if the debt is still with the original credit card company its easier to work out a plan with them.

once it goes to 3rd party collectors (AKA: bottomfeeding scumbags who refuse to work with you) then use CS. i will be giving CS an OUTSTANDING report to the BBB.


I was in the same boat as you. My creditors were getting paid but, I knew I needed help so I enrolled with them last summer. After seeing all the bad reviews I cancelled with them. I brought it up to them a few points about what they hide from the consumer but, didn't respond to my comment. They fail to tell you about the interest that has to be reported to IRS. They told me not to pay any of the creditors to save at least 43.00 a month and when a offer comes then they would deal with the creditor. Stop and think how long it would take to save up 43.00 a month compared to the amount you owe on the credit cards it probably would be a year or so before you could even pay the first creditor. By that time the creditor will be taking you to court. But, you pay them the 200.00 and some.

Take that 200.00 and pay your creditors what you can.

Just to give you a few pointers I found a credit counseling company from here in my City and state. They charge me 25.00 a month they dealt with my creditors and have already paid 3 creditors off since November. I am very pleased with them. I recieve statements on all the payments from them and my creditors every month. So, just to give you an idea on what to do now find a reputable credit counseling company near you ask questions and I think you will not go wrong. I even called 3 of my creditors and handled them my self and they worked with me. Just don't give up.

Good luck to you

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